Patchman-client - Scanner for web application vulnerabilities and malware

License: All rights reserved
Patchman scans your system for known vulnerabilities in web applications and malware.
It provides means of (automatically) patching or quarantining the files in question
to solve the detected problems.

This software requires a license, which can be obtained through the product website.
Installation instructions for the the Patchman client can be found in the guide on the Patchman Portal.
Instructions to keep the Patchman client up-to-date be be found in this guide.

Available packages


Changelog by Jelmer Verkleij (2021-10-01):
- (Real-time scanning only) Resolve a bug spawning zombie processes if auditctl was missing from the system

Changelog by Jelmer Verkleij (2021-09-21):
- Add support for real-time scanning
- Add more verbose logging to directory synchronization task about why entries may be skipped
- Clarify logging regarding quarantine expiry in housekeeping task
- Clarify logging regarding file size limits
- Resolve a bug where definition updates could break on specific version identification signatures
- Speed up definition updates
- Optimize confirmation file rescanning for performance
- Optimize encrypted database interactions for speed
- (Plesk only) Allow admin users to access the Portal SSO button in Plesk
- Drop support for Debian 7
- (Plesk only) Drop support for Plesk < 17.0

Changelog by Jelmer Verkleij (2021-05-11):
- Resolve a bug that could cause checksum errors during definition updates on bundle 0
- Enforce at least TLS 1.2 for all secure connections
- Harden code against potential memory leaks