Patchman-client - Scanner for web application vulnerabilities and malware

License: All rights reserved
Patchman scans your system for known vulnerabilities in web applications and malware.
It provides means of (automatically) patching or quarantining the files in question
to solve the detected problems.

This software requires a license, which can be obtained through the product website.
Installation instructions for the the Patchman client can be found in the guide on the Patchman Portal.
Instructions to keep the Patchman client up-to-date be be found in this guide.

Available packages


Changelog by Jelmer Verkleij (2020-10-28):
- Resolve a bug that caused past abnormal scan aborts (due to since-resolved bugs) to block present scans

Changelog by Jelmer Verkleij (2020-10-19):
- Add more logging about multi-threaded scanning
- Add stricter memory management in various components
- Resolve a bug that could cause system user/group management to fail if the stack size of patchmand is limited
- Resolve a bug that could cause undefined behavior for certain corrupt dynamic malware cleaning patterns
- Resolve a bug that could cause patching to result in an unspecified error if temporary directory is inaccessible
- Resolve a bug that would block switching audit logging from homedir-specific to centralized logfiles
- Resolve a bug that could cause a server to remain marked as disconnected in the Portal long after reconnection
- Resolve a memory leak in retrieving cryptography information from Licensing
- (Plesk only) Resolve a memory leak in retrieving the installed Plesk version
- Resolve various minor bugs in communication protocol between Agent and Portal
- Improve logging messages with clearer indications of network failures between Agent and Portal/Licensing/Definitions
- Drop support for CentOS 5

Changelog by Jelmer Verkleij (2020-06-10):
- Add support for multi-threaded scanning
- Add advanced inter-patch dependency detection to prevent patching websites into a broken state
- Resolve a bug that could cause dynamic malware cleaning to unnecessarily stop automatic cleans and defer detections
- Resolve several bugs in detection synchronization to the Portal for multiple vulnerabilities in one file
- Resolve a bug that could leave detections in an unsolvable state after external modification of a file pending patch reversal